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Power. Management. Leadership and Organizational management, March 3-4, 2018,Russia,Ufa

Power. Management. Leadership and Organizational management,
March 3-4, 2018,Russia,Ufa

What is this training about?

The largest and the most successful companies, banks, corporations and organizations all over the world use skills that you will get on this training, for more than 30 years already. How to define readiness of subordinated to perform a specific task? When is it necessary to define tasks clearly and in detail, under what conditions this task can be delegated? What instruments of motivation can a leader use, and how to determine best moment to use them? This is the training about the essence of business and details that make great companies great.
The materials of this training are the result of monitoring progress of the most profitable companies in competitive market for 20 years. Most of them do not make great discoveries every day and their employees are usual people. But what distinguishes them from all others? How do they hold meetings? What types of meetings exist in effective companies? How do they work with information? After all, they simply make all the little things correctly and do not allow mistakes, especially in the critically important questions.

Purpose and objectives of the training:

- Examine instruments of situational leadership.
- Define differences between style of management, direction and balance of presentation of information at different levels of work maturity of subordinates.
- Develop flexibility in use of leadership styles and use of different power bases.
- Increase the range of instruments of leadership, using and creating an effective system of rewards and bonuses.
- Explore the full scheme and practical tools of information processing in a company.
- Define the notion "quality of information" and increasing its applicability.
- Get acquainted with structure and rules of effective meetings.
- Get practical advice on time management, including creating your own schedule, taking into account repeated monthly and weekly goals.
Actuality of the training:

Habits, skills, rules that were relevant in the system of closed market, in market where there was no competition, intended to achieve very specific goals. The leaders of transitional market often use the same skills and beliefs, even though market structure and purpose of the existence of companies have changed. During the training, we pay close attention to the smallest details of leaders’ work; discuss methods for setting and achieving goals of an organization, development and management of subordinates. You will perfect the skills of information processing by most effective methods; learn how to manage your time and how to prepare for meetings. We shall learn to use time most usefully in meetings,
we shall consider questions of preparation to report. You shall learn to define the tasks that you can delegate to subordinates, and leave that ones that require your personal involvement. We will pay special attention to the success of your projects, clearly mark quality criteria, which must comply with the steps in any action-plan for any project.
During the training participants will learn to:

- correct their own actions and beliefs depending on type of market, on which they act at present
- value achievements of their subordinates on five parameters, typical of open market, instead of two, typical of closed
- build education and development of subordinates, using method of “Growth Ladder”, which guarantees positive results and opportunities for future improvement of work
- quickly and exactly define readiness of an employee to perform certain task and put it in form that provides the most complete execution
- clearly use instruments of material and non-material motivation for maximum long-term and efficient work of employees.
- correspond to format and rules of participation in the 6 main types of meetings in competitive companies
- filter, organize and distribute any information that comes to company from external and internal sources
- follow steps of effective decision-making
- form your own schedule, considering optimal time allocation to complete tasks efficiently and in time correspond to requirements of quality criteria for each step of action-plan, as well as create own plans of actions, most results-oriented

Each participant is offered:

  • Tutorial handouts.
  • Certificate of training accomplishment.

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