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NLP Therapy, Full Circle by Frank Pucelik

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The Origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming by Frank Pucelik and John Grinder

Master Practitioner of NLP, the 1 module, November 13 -19, 2017,Russia, Ufa

Master Practitioner of NLP, the 1 module, November 13 -19, 2017,Russia, Ufa

Expanding of your boundaries and modeling of personal success
on the training by Frank Pucelik
“Master Practitioner of NLP”

It happened about 40 years ago.
Several students and graduate students of the University of Santa-Cruz (California, USA) have gathered together to give each other one promise. That evening they solemnly promised to help their colleagues to cope with the limiting beliefs on the way to become on a par with the best ones or even to surpass them.
Today we invite you to the training of one of these people. We suggest you to find out what beliefs help you to move forward and which of them do not allow achieving success. To understand what that special do the people who are able to make progress better than you, and to replicate their behavior and thinking models.
2-modular training of one of the founders of NLP Frank Pucelik
“Master Practitioner of NLP”

We won’t assure you that after training you will become a world size specialist in your sphere of activity. Most likely, it will not happen. But you will significantly improve your results. And we strongly guarantee that to you.
From the reviews of the participants:
“From the Master course, I expected the improving of relations and quality
of communication in life: in family and at work. I have received much more
than I expected, the course exceeded my expectations in 5-10 times”
(Yaroslav Yakubovsky, the head of Department,
Russia, Rostov-on-Don).
Learn how the co-founder of NLP thinks, the master of coaching and psychotherapy
with work experience more than 45 years!

It is believed that the best and the main models of NLP have been created by the very first team, who developed neuro-linguistic programming about 40 years ago. Everything that was created later was based on the same models.
Therefore, on the training by Frank Pucelik you:
  • get the original tools and skills, not their “copies”;
  • learn from a person who is himself an ideal object for modeling;
  • easily apply every learned skills at the training, because learning from Frank Pucelik is aimed at the maximum simplicity of performance and productivity;
  • you will not just really expand your inner boundaries: your perception of the world, patterns of your behavior, your habits, your values, skills, and abilities. You will learn how to independently resolve any questions and find the ways to achieve your goals;
  • after the training you will receive a certificate of “META International” (recognized by the international Associations of NLP).
From the reviews of the participants:
“I decided to visit The Master course
after the Training course to improve and develop
the acquired skills and mastery.
Additionally to that I came for I’ve received the experience:
how to change the world, how to change people.
For me it was a great honor
to become a member of it all”
(Rogozhnikov Egor, Russia, Samara)
Double effectiveness of the training

Training by Frank Pucelik “Master Practitioner of NLP” consists of 2 modules by 7 days. Between them there is enough time that is given to the participants to hone the acquired knowledge and skills, to learn to apply them in a daily life, to accumulate questions. Such a structure increases the effect of training at least at 2 times.
Usually at such events the Trainer’s assistant work, they help to provide the feedback to each of the participants.

The peculiarity of the training by Frank Pucelik:
the experienced trainers of NLP work as a group of assistants, it allows to create individual development plans for all program participants and accurately follow each of them throughout the whole course.

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