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6-7th of October Frank Pucelik`s workshop on theme Modelling

NLP Therapy, Full Circle by Frank Pucelik

Frank Pucelik - Models of Human Motivation

Master-class of Judith DeLozier and Frank Pucelik

World NLP Conference 2013

The Origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming by Frank Pucelik and John Grinder

Master Practitioner Training in Almaty, Kazakhstan September 2 - 8, 2019

For early registration, you can contact us by e-mail: pcg.babycheva@gmail.com
or by phone : +38 (063) 445 16 52
It is not a secret that each of us creates our own lives. Of course, we do the best we can with what we know, but often that is not enough. If only we knew how to do it the best way or for the best results, then our lives would be much more in our control and we could decide how to live better, happier, and more successful in whatever we chose to do.
Learn to expand your own boundaries and model (make sense out of) the personal success of others (not just any others, but the most successful people) at the training by Frank Pucelik "Master-Practitioner of NLP".
So, why is this information and skills so important to you today? Well, it happened about 50 years ago.
Several undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University in Santa Cruz (California, USA) came together and gave each other a solemn promise. That evening, they promised to help each other and others in dealing with limiting beliefs (learning to find them and change them) on their path to becoming happy, successful, and equally skillful with the best people they could find in many different fields and/or even surpass them.
Today we invite you to the training of one of these people (Actually one of the 3 'true' creators of META/NLP). We invite you to find out which beliefs help you move forward and which do not allow you to succeed. We invite you to understand what they do, learn what they do, and to gain the skills yourself so that you can 'do' what they do. Yes you can learn to think like they think, observe what they observe, and do what these special people do, and, copy their model of behavior, their model of thinking, and excel past the models you will learn from them, because, you will have the ability to merge the models of the most successful people in recent history. Yes, merge the strategies of the 'best'.
This 'gift of the finest quality' is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself. Join today. You will always remember this incredible learning experience and like so many others who have made this commitment to their future, you will consider this the best beginning to your future.
Learn from the co-founder of NLP, Robert (Frank) Pucelik. He is the master of coaching, Success Thinking, Modeling, PTSD Counseling, Drug Treatment for Young Drug Addicts and multiple Psychotherapy Systems with over 55 years of experience!
- - -The best and basic models of NLP were created by the first team that developed the META/Neuro-Linguistic Programming over 50 years ago. Therefore, at the training by Frank Pucelik you will - - -
  • get the original skills and tools, instead of their "copies";
  • learn from a person who himself is an ideal object for modeling;
  • apply easily all the skills acquired during the training, since the training from Frank Pucelik is aimed at the maximum simplicity of material presentation and effectiveness;
  • you will expand your inner boundaries: perception of the world, patterns of behavior, your habits, values, skills, and abilities. You learn to solve ineffective skill areas you will find within yourself and build new, powerful ways to achieve your goals;
  • at the successful finish of the training program, you will have the opportunity to receive certification from "Meta International" (recognized by global NLP associations). There is no stronger, more respected Certification in the field of Meta/NLP. Meta International is the first-ever registered, respected, 'Professional Certification Organization' in existence, formed and registered in Santa Cruz California in 1973.
Meta International was organization was originally named 'Meta', but formally changed its name when Frank Pucelik became an international trainer and moved Meta first to San Diego, California, then to Norman Oklahoma, then to Moscow, Russia. Meta moved to Russia in 1988 and the name was changed officially to Meta International. MI (Meta International) now has its headquarters in Odesa, Ukraine. Meta International has representatives in Netherlands, Spain, Italy, England, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Greece, USA, Russia, and we will soon have our representatives in Malaysia, China, Israel, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, and more.
Double training effectiveness
The training by Frank Pucelik "Master Practitioner of NLP" consists of 2 modules, 7 days in each. There are 4 months between them, which are given to the participants in order to sharpen the acquired knowledge and skills, learn how to apply them in everyday life, and accumulate the questions for the second module. This structure increases the effect of training.
Highly skilled trainer's assistants will provide individual/ongoing feedback to each of the participants as the program proceeds.
Experienced NLP trainers work as small group and individual assistance, which makes it possible to create an individual development plan for all program participants and Trainers will accompany each participant skillfully and qualitatively during the entire training process.
For additional information or registration you can contact us
by phone (Ukraine) +38 (063) 445 16 52
or e-mail: pcg.babycheva@gmail.com

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