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Dissociated States Therapy (DST), the 1st module, February 26 - March 5,2020 Baku, Azerbaijan

Dissociated States Therapy (DST), the 1st module,February 26 - March 5, 2020

Dissociated States Therapy
is a model created by Frank Pucelik in a team among the team of other researchers on the basis of NLP and 25 existing schools of psychotherapy, with more than 75 tools and patterns. The goal of the model is to help the individual, the family, the organization to find a simple and definitive solution to the conflict and establish internal natural balance.
It is going to be the unique moment when Frank Pucelik shares the absolutely exclusive system of therapy or professional communication. Using this model he has been successfully working with clients on an individual basis, conducting family therapy, giving advice to the owners and top managers of different business companies for over 20 years.
So, what is DST? The USA, early 70's - Frank Pucelik, Leslie Cameron, Ken Block, Michael Plato and a couple of NLP researchers started exploring all the currently existing psychotherapies, most of those were the “therapies of parts”. What does it mean? Many forms of psychotherapy presupposed the division of the individual by parts with certain inherent characteristics: aggressive/passive, adult/child/parent and other types. This division along with the talk therapy was firstly introduced by Sigmund Freud to explore and understand how people think, how they create a problem and how it is possible to help them change the way of thinking. Now imagine than 20 more schools of psychotherapy appeared after Freud. Each of them had their own set of parts, patterns, and tools to work with!
Not a single system solved all the possible disorders!
Thanks to the tools of NLP the researchers received 45 schemes of internal conflicts. Freud's system was solving only 4 of them, Fritz Perls - 6, transactional analysis - 6, and the most successful at that time was a system by Virginia Satir - 9 of 45 disorders. After they had studied all the schools, areas of therapy and patterns, they got some very unique opportunities:
  1. to identify the type of problem or conflict in a person very quickly and accurately
  2. to assess whether the problem is an internal conflict (90%) or it is a logical error
  3. to select the type of therapy or quickly create a new system from the tools available on the spot
  4. to conduct a person through 5 stages of the natural process of homeostasis
  5. to lead a person to the state of balance, harmony and inner peace
Here is a real revolution in the history of psychotherapy. You can get the first-hand experience very soon.
The dates of the course are:
Module 1: February 26th - March 5th, 2020
Module 2: May 11th - 18th, 2020
Place:Baku, Azerbaijan
Fees and Packages:
- 18 days of training (two modules, 9 days each)
- Daily coffee break
- Participant's Workbook
- Accompanying by an assistant while working in a group
- Certificate of attendance
- Networking
2 560 €
-18 days of training (two modules, 9 days each)
- Daily coffee break
- Participant's Workbook
- Accompanying by an assistant while working in a group
- Certificate of attendance
- Personal consultation of co-trainer
- 1-2 row (closer to Frank)
- Personal manager consultant before the training
- Exclusive calendar with NLP techniques
- The book with the personal signature of Frank Pucelik
3 550 €
Please contact us via: pcg.babycheva@gmail.com

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