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Family and business: double success. July 16-17, 2011 , Ukraine, Odessa

Pucelik Consulting Group will be glad to see you at authors training by Frank Pucelik

Family and business: double success

Everyone in his life belongs to a number of different groups. Work, family, sport club, friends - we try to participate everywhere. If our lives in different groups are successful – then they support each other, providing a synergy effect. If we are happy in the family - we will work better, if we are successful in work - family might benefit from this. How to create a happy family? What are the keys to an understanding of your wife or spouse? What is a happy family? You will learn this at our training!

Frank Pucelik,
President of Pucelik Consulting Group

What is this training about?
Every human being wants to be happy and successful. We do this in different ways, and our way to be happy may be different from the pursuit of happiness of our partner in the family. The same phrase, the same action two people, even when living together for a long time, often interpret differently. But we can learn to understand our beloved ones, using a few simple, well-established techniques of communication in family environment.

The purpose and objectives of the training
Gain knowledge in the field of communication within family. Improve the skills of self-control, emotional management. Learn to recognize the stages of family conflict and effectively stop them, and then prevent it. Work out various options for communication outside of business environment, using the skills of feedback, evaluating the difference between intent and action, based on the habits and values of family members with different goals in life, both stated and hidden.

Relevance of the training
In order for our live to be successful, we must skillfully handle all its parts: both in business and beyond it. Leaving for work with a smile and happily returning home from the office, we provide double success in achieving goals. The growing popularity of balance between work and personal life as relevant as ever in today's world where the boundaries of work are blurred, and telecommuting can be a great advantage. Training gives you the opportunity to achieve harmony in an environment where business skills are not successful, where communication is more subtle, but achieving goal is not always the right decision. During the training participants will learn to:

  • Understand communication process inside family
  • Control inner and outer reactions
  • Use the method of stress-ballet for quicker salvation and prevention of family conflicts
  • Adjust the way you speak depending of leading communicational model of your partner
  • Use one of the main communicational tools – complex equivalents – for creation of harmonious family life
Each participant is offered:
  • Tutorial handouts.
  • Certificate of training accomplishment.
You are welcome to our training!

Training fragment.

Additional information.
The training will take place on July 16 – 17 (Sat-Sun). The training will be held in luxury hotel “Arcadia Plaza”, Odessa, Posmitnogo Str.1.

The training begins at 10.00pm and ends at 18.00pm (coffee-breaks at 9.30, 11.30 and 16.00, lunch at 13.30-14.30pm). The cost of the training is $500 in accordance with the exchange rate of NBU for the day of payment. The cost includes handouts, coffee-breaks, lunches. After the training each participant is provided with certificates, photographs and handouts.


-Special offer for married couples- 30% discount
- Up to 5 participants – discount is 10%
- More than 5 participants – the discount is agreed personally
- Discounts are NOT added together

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