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"NLP Ц Master" 1-Module (7 days), Odessa, August 20-26, 2012.

"NLP – Master" 1-Module (7 days), Odessa, August 20-26, 2012.
The course of NLP – Master from Frank Pucelik. What is that?
Modeling – is what NLP was created for. The ability of quick and accurate way of identifying those unique differences, which indicate the Master to be the ringer, which make the results of his work magical and not always clear for understanding. That is all this approach was created for in the 70s in Santa-Cruz, California. The education of this process in the sphere of NLP research is hold, as a rule, at the NLP- Master course.
Each course of NLP- Master is unique. It reflects the opinion of the coaches, who create it, on that thing which makes a man a real expert of this business, which he wants to be involved in. Our trainers’ group (Frank Pucelik, Nikolai Vovchenko, Lyudmila Chernenko) are developing a course on the basis of several provisions:

1. To use the experience and knowledge of Frank Pucelik about how the modeling in NLP was being created and which principles and techniques were used in the very first groups. We want to teach the participants to use the methods which proved their practical effectiveness in the modeling method learning and to receive these knowledge from that person who was creating them. We will be able to ask the questions about why this or that modeling method works, how they were created, what makes them functionally operative, how to posses it;

2. It’s not enough to read or know about it in order to achieve the effectiveness in modeling. It’s the same as it’s not enough to read books about the football in order to play football good. Participants will pay a lot of time to working out and polishing their basic skills of NLP. The modeling will stay only a set of words and algorithms without it. However, trainers will also add skills of effective thinking, working with beliefs, their correction and modification if needed, to the working out of technical skills. We proceed from the fact that at the level where the technique transfers to mastery, the difference between the good specialist and expert is exactly in the effective thinking skills, which contribute the qualitive transfer to a new level of the effectiveness. We will examine our beliefs, discover a lot of new things about ourselves, “say hello” to the past, returning it those beliefs which are not useful to us anymore, and strengthening the beliefs, which we need for achieving the results in the chosen areas of activity by the participants;

3. Nikolai and Lyudmila will share their experience of modern modeling methods’ implementing, using the knowledge which they received being taught from the leading experts of NLP – both native and foreign and those who during the years worked them out in their laboratory-workshops. They will also teach the participants the modern methods of recording and models’ transferring to other people. They will tell about the limitations and possibilities of these techniques.

We won’t promise miracles. Modeling- is only one of the studying ways, probably, one of the fastest and most efficient. It’s not a "magic pill", and in order to master the skills of modeling, you need to work and study, but the result will be worth it. We will tell about the real effectiveness of modeling and how to build your own learning process for modeling, starting with our course of NLP Master, and - for all future years.

A group of assistant-trainers of Pucelik Consulting Group will work with you once again. They will answer your questions, help during the exercises, to deal with complex tasks, find yourself, and learn how to find the most effective means of acting in any given situation. You will discover each other better and even more yourself!

The program of the course and other detailed information will soon appear on our web-site. Follow the news!

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