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"Training for the Trainers" by Frank Pucelik 7th -18th June 2014, Ukraine, Odessa

Training for Trainers by Frank Pucelikby Frank Pucelik

Who are they: coaches, business coaches, NLP trainers?
What do they have to know and, most importantly – whom should they be? Where can you learn to be one? You know that at least half of the benefits of learning is not in the information that you got from the trainer (we all know how to read), but in the trainer him or herself. You do remember that you were the best in perceiving information from those teachers, trainers, coaches, that you were respecting, those, whom you would like to become, who were your role models.
Of course, trainer should be well-trained himself, and well-educated.
He needs to know the subject he teaches, presenting it in the way to make adults interested to learn. Ideally - the trainer should be demanded by the market (after all, this criterion is by far one of the most reliable when you look where to learn from). Surely there are geniuses in the field of education, not known to anybody, but in the modern world you should be very lazy not to be noticed at least a few times by his potential customers. And if you were noticed, but not appreciated - the issue is not in the clients, but in you, our dear trainer.
Trainer is the person who understands that importance is not in what he says but in what kind changes occur in minds of participants.
This is the person who is able to see these changes, helping participants in finding their own discoveries. He is not just a presenter of some material to a group (again, audiobooks, webinars and internet are better in delivering plain information), but the one who creates the path of research, invention and discovery for his participants. This is when a person perceives information at best, finding answers to their questions themselves.
What beliefs are relevant for a good trainer? What does he see, that others do not see in the same students?
How to learn it? May you speed up just a little the way of people who became masters only by the end of their life's journey? After all, we are observing so many of the best that really can’t find a way to convey their art to their followers, without following all their way. But how to help people avoid mistakes that masters once did for us?
The group of trainers:
Frank Pucelik (USA-Ukraine),Alexander Sudarkinand Nikolai Vovchenko (Ukraine) have prepared a program for you, fully responding to these questions. Frank's experience and charisma, his ability to work with the group, sparking interest, will give you an excellent model of the trainer who sets the tonality for the entire training. You will see metaphors in a training, work with beliefs and techniques of NLP at the highest level. Gorgeous pair work of Nikolai and Ludmila will help you easily master creation of a coherent structure of training and exercises to understand the mechanisms of developmen.

This will not be just another training for NLP trainers. Yes, those who prepare their NLP courses after the certification will happily demonstrate signature of Frank Pucelik and his team next to the seal of META International, the first organization certifying people who study NLP. This will be not just training for business trainers. Those who want to be a business trainer will also get the knowledge necessary to significantly improve their training programs in business, and will be able to obtain a certificate of business trainer, after satisfying a number of criteria. But this will be a training for Trainers, people who have devoted their lives to this difficult but interesting art, science, skill and vocation - teaching adults.

Important information:
• Date: June 7-18, 2014. Starting at 10:00 till 18:00
• Place: Odessa, Ukraine (map)
For registration you can contact us by phone +38 (0482) 340 335 or e-mail: sales@frankpucelik.com

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