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"NLP Master- Practitioner " Module 1 (7 days), October 25-31, 2014 , Ukraine, Odessa

Geniuses among us

Magic people, masters of their trade, people you feel like learning from. Those who do things others only dream about. Magnificent scientists, doctors, experts in the field of psychotherapy, communication, negotiations and business. Those who do their work with ease while result seldom can be replicated by those who become their students. What seems to be the secret of their success? What do they look at? What do they focus on? What do they think about? What do they focus their attention on? And why not all experts in their field accomplish the same level of result?

There was time when NLP was created specifically to answer those questions:

Still back in the 70s of the last century creators of NLP came up with several answers simultaneously: geniuses pay attention to things others don’t pay attention to (which later became known as “critical observations” or “critical behaviors”) NLP began researching most successful psychotherapists at the time: Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls, Milton Erickson. Books on NLP more often than not describe only second part of their “magic”- critical actions or patterns that have tremendous significance never the less it is critically important to notice what geniuses themselves saw.

…but it is equally important to learn seeing what geniuses saw themselves

In order to accomplish this, one studying work of a genius should not just develop observation skills but to break some of their beliefs as well. We may be observing something with paying attention to it or not consider something significant. We literally run into our own walls of beliefs while not noticing what is and what the best in the field we sat about to study pay attention to.

Opportunity to equal the best

Group of trainers: Frank Pucelik (President Pucelik Consulting Group, President META International, one of the three creators of NLP), Lyudmila Chernenko and Nikolai Vovchenko (Ukrainian Training Academy) will create for you ground for discoveries. Discoveries of self, of your own potential and skill building. We will be following the footprints of 1970s NLP creators that dedicated themselves back in 1970s to: “To break limiting beliefs in order to equal or excel the best “.
Consistently you will learn how to identify your beliefs, how to understand whether they help you in what you want to become the best in the world, or limit your achievements and how to transform them, to turn out from the restrictions to assistants? You will learn the tools of modeling success, identifying what the person who is doing something better than anyone else, is really better than the others, and how you can learn it? We will not promise that two modules of 7 days, you will become the best in the world – most likely it will not happen. But you can greatly improve your results in the area of activity, which is the most important for you in your life, in the field that you define for yourself.

“…to get first-hand information about how using NLP the very first NLP-ers modeled the work of that geniuses in California, the university town of Santa Cruz”

Experience and enthusiasm of the trainers team, promises to be challenging but exiting. While examples shared with you by the Frank Pucelik himself will enable you to receive information on how with the help of NLP, first NLP team was modeling work of geniuses by describing their patterns of communication.

Conditions of participation and discount policy
Course is delivered in two seven day modules. Cost of 1 7 day module equivalent to US $1250 (final price to be calculated on the day of transaction by US Dollar/Hr. commercial rate).
Fee will include:
  • Hand Outs
  • Coffee breaks,
  • Participation certificate,
  • Photo report of the event.

Requirements for discount Amount of discount 2 module price with discount
*Certificate of NLP Trainer 50% 625USD
*Certificate of NLP Master from partner centers 20% 1000USD
*Participation in courses of NLP Master-Practitioner, Training of Trainers from Frank Pucelik 20% 1000USD
*Group of people from 2 to 5 10% 1125USD
**Also in a case of 100% payment
till1stof June 15% 1062USD
till1stof July 10% 1125USD
till1stof August 5% 1187USD
*discount is saving for 2ndmodule
**discount is working only for 1stmodule

Please, be aware that only one type of discount is applicable

Place of venue: Odessa, Ukraine

First module August, 24-August, 30 2013

Second moduleJanuary11-January, 17 2014

For further information: sales@frankpucelik.com +38 (0482) 340 335

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