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Organizational Development

There’s nothing more criminal and self-destructive than having a great idea and then putting it off.
Donald Trump

Are you standing still? Your business does not bring in desirable income, does it? You do want to develop but do not know in which direction? You are searching…

Not once lately the business press has been drawing readers’ attention to the fact that an important tendency has been observed in business – the priorities are shifting from “resource management” to “organization management”.
More and more enterprises and companies are starting to think about the necessity to improve internal business processes. Such desire is caused not only by crisis but it is an essential demand for continuing further existence on competitive market.

Why do different companies with basically equal starting conditions accomplish absolutely different results: some prosper, others achieve insignificant success and others simply die? Can a company function successfully without developing organizationally?

Let’s assume there is a company which stopped its organizational development. Let all production processes function in a right way and thanks to that fact high performance rates are insured. Present companies work in conditions of constantly changing environment. It is obvious that after a while without organizational changes production processes will stop being optimal compared to a changed environment. This company will start losing in its competition with those companies whose production processes will be more effective. Eventually, companies that win do not rely on intuition or luck but do implement relevant organizational changes corresponding to the dynamics of changes in environment.

There are many definitions of a concept “organizational development” which are different from each other. But generally organizational development - is an area of application of behavioral knowledge which is relevant to a planned change. An object is a whole organization as a system, and the goals are the increase of organizational effectiveness and individual development of employees.

"I am not sure I should have dared to start; but I am sure that I should not have dared to stop."
Winston Churchill

Frank Pucelik: ”To my opinion, you have to get back to the basics. Sophisticated, complex, luxurious systems in the conditions of the present market are still irrelevant, it is not the time yet, they will not be effective here. You should start with leadership and professional procedures basics then you should add motivation and communication skills. A third step - is marketing strategies, information systems, quality control systems. But without the basics, everything else will be a waste of time.”

The primary requirement for moving forward is structuring and systematization of the company work, writing out and improvement of business processes, constant development of rules, regulations and functional duties, optimization of information flows, clear reporting system. And this must be done both in those areas of activity which are not planned to be changed in the near future, which create a stable financial flow, and in those that are only developing and in the objects of investment that will provide financial flows in the future.

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