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Management Tools for Business Owners

Prepared by: Vyacheslav Ardentov (Magazine Business Today ? 1 - 2007)

The first unique seminar titled An effective system of development and growth of the company - LEADERSHIP. EFFECTIVE PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT took place on the 3rd-4th of November in St. Petersburg. These seminars are a gift for managers and business owners.

The well-known in the city consulting center AVETI organized the arrival of the legendary consultant on Business and Management, one of the founders of NLP, Frank PUCELIK (Pucelik Consulting Group) for the most active businesspeople. In the lack of information on management issues, leaders of many of St. Petersburg companies were able to get answers to vital for their businesses questions from first-hand. One of the participants of this event told us about the seminar.

The excitement about the arrival of the well-known consultant began one month before the event, when bosses were asking each other at different parties - Have you already registered for the seminar by Pucelik? In view of the popularity of the program and great amount of requests from participants, consulting center AVETI together with Pucelik Consulting Group decided to hold a series of seminars in St. Petersburg to meet the needs of St. Petersburg business. The representatives of business community came to the seminar with specific requests, each leader aimed to work out their specific tasks. To describe the seminar topics in a few words it is worth noting that the participants received answers to the following questions:

How to manage best employees? What can be done to keep the best employees in your company? How to develop leaders in your business? How to delegate management tasks to new employees? What is the best way to control the company? How to manage rumors and prevent pipe-laying? How to create the best company in your field?

As is well known, national representatives of consulting business lack their own technologies, models, tools to solve urgent problems of their clients, and all the information one way or another comes from the West. Foreign colleagues solve this problem in the following manner. For example, the American Chamber of Commerce has been organizing training programs for business for 14 years, inviting each year more than 100 top U.S. consultants. Frank Pucelik was among these consultants, which allowed him and his colleagues to share experiences, create and systematize the best model of business and staff management, and later apply their experience to clients - major national and international companies.

Frank Pucelik defines five components of success in managing any business; at his seminars, he gives specific tools and recommendations on the following areas of development of a manager or business owner:

  • Management skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Business procedures and business processes
  • The motivation of subordinates
  • Professional communication

Boss is the head of business; he manages the entire system, just like head manages the entire body. Action taken by the head affects every cell of the human body. All models used in trainings by F. Pucelik are based on the study of behavior and thought processes of the best businessmen of the world. What was the thought process of a business genius, which helped him achieve the result? What actions and steps has he made to achieve the goals? How did he achieve the best results at minimum cost of resources?

To build a system of efficient business, a manager must be able to successfully implement the following functions:

1. Setting tasks for his subordinates and monitoring results. Each second each subordinate must be occupied with a specific task. If the office-manager girl only polishes her nails and answers the phone, while the rest of the time she spends doing nothing - you throw your money to the wind. The way objectives are defined will influence on how much time your employees will have for doing nothing and whether they will have an opportunity to do so at all.

2. Top-managers must be able to handle incoming information strategically and direct it appropriately.

3. Boss is responsible for coordinating activity of the entire system; appropriate people should be in place, provided with information necessary and yielding concrete results.

There are two more functions, which are often ignored by heads of small and medium business due to routine. The future of the company depends on these functions:

4. Acquiring resources means supplying the company with relevant information, practical knowledge, new projects, experts with future prospect, financial resources and everything necessary to move forward.

5. Long-term planning – everybody knows about it, but strategic development usually happens without applying any management tools, which then leads to management mistakes, and the price for any of these mistakes could be the price of the entire business.

Absolute excellence does not exist. The world of business is rapidly changing. Development never stops. There are two ways for those business owners, who have already built a business system - increasing its size several times, or obtaining a non-profitable system after a while. What we get within this non-profitable system is desperate and inefficient staff, and the system itself making money mechanically and gradually reducing the income of the owner. In fact solving a business problem is 5 times more expensive than preventing it. A minute success kills more companies than failures. If you're not ready for tomorrow - it will not come. On the other hand, if you create your own business using best management technologies, during next few years you will take a huge step forward towards the finish line. This is true because in business race neighboring tracks are occupied by handicapped companies built without any business technologies and focused on current situation rather than on long-term perspective, - this is the opinion of Frank Pucelik about the current situation of business in Russia.

Source: http://www.avety.ru

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