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Art of Presentation

On hearing the word «presentation», majority of us has a clear association: champagne, ties, and polite smiles. We consider it inevitable and often inefficient waste of time and money, rather a tradition of decency than serious work.

    - Unfortunately, not many people treat presentation as a marketing tool, a way to convince a larger number of potential customers, clients, partners in attractiveness of products, services, the image of the company - says Natalya Mikheyeva, coach-consultant of Nizhniy Novgorod NLP Center. And only the few apply the term «presentation» to inter-corporate relations, while organizational meetings, a conversation with an employee, positioning yourself as a charismatic leader of a team – this all is nothing but presentation.

    And if this is a presentation of the company? Imagine a leader who has to attend banquets, receptions, who must raise toasts, say congratulations. When there are many strangers around - problems emerge. Heart rhythm increases, body begins to tremble treacherously, tongue refuses to move and carefully prepared speech sounds weak and unattractive. Remember that the leader of the company represents its image. In this situation, being comprehensible, confident and expressive is much more important than what words exactly you say.

    What if you need to convince a couple of strangers instead of a large audience? Are you always sure that people perceive you, as you want them to? To be convincing, to be able to motivate people, to learn to be charismatic. All of this is certainly leadership skills and presentation skills. Speech, gestures, mimics - these are powerful tools of influence on subordinates, business partners, customers. Whoever owns this tool and beholds the art of presentation - has a competitive advantage. Anyone who is seriously concerned about the development of their business, will not dally off solution to this problem, which becomes more and more topical year by year.

    One of the founders of the methodology of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), an outstanding business consultant Frank Pucelik, introduced the notion «conviction at the speed of sound». It means that your audience - even if it consists of one person only - should adequately conceive your ideas as soon as you express them.  

    The new product by Nizhniy Novgorod NLP Center (www.nlp.nnov.ru) was designed for business leaders and is called «Art of Presentation».

     - I would like to emphasize the word «training». It is about learning practical skills - Natalya explains. - We help you obtain a new useful habit that will remain with you for life. The habit of being convincing. There is no need in proving the effectiveness of this technique - time has proven it.

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