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World NLP Conference 2016

Sunday 17th April 12.45 – 13.45
Presenter:Frank Pucelik
Session:PTSD and NLP
Level:Open to all

Frank has been involved with the issue of PTSD since he left Santa Cruz in 1977. He taught NLP to Veteran Center Counselors on Veteran Center programs in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma in the early 80s. He then, with their help, completely systematized the counselling programs for both the veterans and their families.
Since then he has counselled veterans from eight wars, including the Second World War, Korea, Vietnam, the First Iraq War, the Second Iraq War, Afghanistan (US), Afghanistan (CIS), Chechnya (CIS) and now the Russian invasion of Ukraine (the 9th). Currently he is responsible for training counsellors from Ukraine to work with veterans and their families and with 3 million displaced citizens. He has (in the last 10 months) trained 1500 doctors, psychologists, academicians, psychiatrists and volunteers. He has recruited and trained, from the best Ukraine has to offer, 35 'trainers' who are now travelling around the country to train another 10,000 counsellors to try to stop the disaster in Ukraine. He works with the senior doctor in the country, who is a deputy of the President of Ukraine. He is also involved in developing a workable, organized, effective national system of counselling centers and hospital receiving/diagnostic/medical service centers.
Frank knows from experience that all of the PTSD Protocols are much more effective if the concepts, principals, and skill sets of NLP are skillfully applied. In this session, he will describe these skill sets and how they powerfully increase the effectiveness of the accepted world standard treatment now used for PTSD Prevention and Treatment

Saturday 16th April 18.45 – 20.00
Presenter:Frank Pucelik
Session:Non- verbal process signals
Level:Open to all

Non- verbal process signals
The art and skills of controlling reactions, internal processes, and support significant change events, without verbalizations. The 'real' skill in the work with NLP. The more you accomplish with your mouth closed, the more the change and learnings are kept (owned) by the. person you are assisting in the process of meaningful change and development. Magic processes in the hands of true professional communicators. Observe, practice, and become more systematic than ever before. Learn the 'Arts' of the true masters.